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Recognition Opportunities

$1,000,000 +



South Courtyard/Park
Exterior Courtyard
Front Entrance (reserved)


Chapel (reserved)


Special Unit Outdoor Private Space (reserved)
Adult Day Program (reserved)
Rehab Department
Unit Dining Room/Activity Area (8 available) (6 reserved)
Atrium Water Feature


Units Beatification (Art) (reserved)


Outdoor Front Entrance
Family Dining Room (reserved)
Cultural Awareness Display (reserved)
Education Area
Outdoor Patio(2 available) (2 reserved)
Café (reserved)
Gift shop (reserved)
Unit Balcony (7 available)(4 reserved)


Family Gathering Quiet Space (7 available) (7 reserved)


Resident Room (157 available) (37 reserved)

Your generous support is greatly appreciated and will be recognized appropriately. There are many recognition opportunities that can be created that best acknowledges your support.

To discuss details of your gift please contact the Lubov SSMI Foundation Office at or call (204) 942-0443.