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Latest Construction Update

Construction Bulletin Issues 47 – September 28, 2018

Construction Bulletin Issue 46


Updates Around the Home


The auditorium is once again open for use, and activities have resumed as scheduled.


Please note that until further notice the link is CLOSED for renovations – this will reopen with access to the brand new Atrium!


Renovated Chapel at Holy Family Home

We are proud to show off the renovated chapel at Holy Family Home! Removing the pews allows for more residents to easily fit into the space, and a sophisticated face lift renews the space to better fit with the anticipated new space!

IMG_0262  IMG_0263


New Front Entrance at Holy Family Home

January 18/17

Our new front entrance is officially open! We are so excited to have this new space, with much more room for guests, residents and families, as well as vehicles out front!

image5 image4 image3