Project Updates

The Parks are Completed!

We are excited to announce that the new park spaces that were part of the Life Love Legacy campaign are completed at Holy Family Home!

This has been such a blessing during our current situation to have beautiful places for resdients to spend safe time outdoors.

We look forward to the day when we can invite everyone to view the parks.

With everything going on in the world, staff, families and residents are so happy to have moved into the new building. A safe place to call home feels more important than ever.
For the latest updates of what is happening inside the Home, please visit www.holyfamilyhome.mb.ca

Holy Family Home’s Building C is Open!

We are happy to announce that residents have moved in, and are using the new spaces within the home. We invite you to look at the photos here and come visit in person to see the new spaces.

Holy Family_HR_5393

Expanded Front Entrance

Holy Family_HR_5358

Brightened up, and Renovated Chapel

HFH SNBU Resident Room

A New Private Resident Room

Holy Family_HR_5313

State of the Art Kitchen

Holy Family_HR_5280

Refreshed Link – Open to the New Cafe and Atrium

Holy Family_HR_5252

The New Atrium

We’re Moving!

We are pleased to announce that with the completion of the Manitoba Health Standards review, the resident move to the new Building C will occur from September 17 to 19, 2019.

  • September 17: Residents in Building B (St. John’s and St. Paul’s) will be moved to Building C.
  • September 18: Residents in Building B (St. Mary’s and St. Francis) will be moved to Building C.
  • September 19: Some of the residents from Building A will be moved to Building C.

Staff training in the new building is complete, and the set-up of resident rooms is nearing completion. Maintenance, Laundry, and Nutrition & Food Services departments are now fully operational.

Information about how you can help can be found on the display board at the front entrance of Holy Family Home, and in your September mailing.

Updates Around the Home

Updates to the Link Dining Room

Updates to the Link Dining Room

Audult Day Program

The New Adult Day Program



Renovated Chapel at Holy Family Home

We are proud to show off the renovated chapel at Holy Family Home! Removing the pews allows for more residents to easily fit into the space, and a sophisticated face lift renews the space to better fit with the anticipated new space!

IMG_0262  IMG_0263


New Front Entrance at Holy Family Home

January 18/17

Our new front entrance is officially open! We are so excited to have this new space, with much more room for guests, residents and families, as well as vehicles out front!

image5 image4 image3