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For more than 115 years, Immaculate Heart of Mary School (IHMS) through the guidance of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate has been educating and developing the unique talents of children from nursery school to Grade 8.

From the earliest age, students are taught the importance of balancing and practicing daily the values of:  academic excellence, faith, culture and community.  It is by living these four core values daily that Immaculate Heart of Mary School students have a rich and rewarding educational experience.  Graduates go on to excel in high school and later in the wider community where they become civic, social, business and church leaders.

Lubov SSMI Foundation wants to ensure that our only faith-based private Ukrainian Catholic School in Canada can continue to provide the best education possible for many generations to come.  

We invite you to invest in this important ministry. You can help shape the educational experiences for those at IHMS today and for future generations. Your donation may be designated to one of three areas of need for the School at this time.  

Move the Spirit Capital Fund - Contributions are used for major capital expenditures that will benefit the school community now, and well into the future.  A portion of the funds are invested for the long range vision of a new IHMS campus.  A portion of the funds are allocated for capital expenditures and beautification of the current school.

School Operation Fund - Contributions are earmarked for the day to day programs offered to the students.  IHMS provides an academic program that promotes academic excellence and develops independence.  Along with the curriculum there are many co-curricular and extracurricular programs for students, providing them a well-rounded educational experience.  Some of the co-curricular programs include:  Performing Arts/Drama, Cultural Arts, Outdoor Education, Social Justice Club, School Intramural Sports and the new Debate Program.

Scholarship/Bursary Fund - Contributions provide financial assistance to students to continue their education.  Full and partial bursaries are available to any student, based on financial need, as determined by the Bursary Committee.  Scholarships are awarded to students based on academic achievement and/or participation in school programs and activities.  For more information about Immaculate Heart of Mary School click on the logo or follow the donate now link to make an online donation now.






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Jean Piché
Jean Piché
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient from the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada