Home of Hope Fundraiser. United in spirit, Chabluk Family shares Easter Hymns.

May our beautiful Easter melodies fill your homes throughout the season.

To enjoy, please click here. A purchase of a digital download or CD supports Home of Hope in Ukraine. An excellent cause! 

Thank you for all those that choose to support Lubov SSMI Foundation over the past year. You have helped make a difference in the ministries of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate.

Because of you we have been able to continue to:

  • Educate the young
  • Provide Spiritual comfort to those in need
  • Nurture the lonely
  • Care for the Sick
  • Bring hope to young women in Ukraine
  • Provide an atmosphere of compassion and education for orphans in Ukraine.

On behalf of Lubov SSMI Foundation we wish you a very Happy New Year.

May 2021 bless you with a hopeful heart filled with compassion and joy.


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April 2021
Bringing Hope - Changing Lives | Home of Hope
Premiere video event for the Home of Hope.

Heart of our Community

Mary Wladyka, FCA
Mary Wladyka, FCA
Lubov SSMI Foundation bids farewell to a Founding Director